The individual groups from each of our four previous parishes were officially combined
into the Ladies of Charity of Holy Apostles Parish on Sunday January 29, 2017.

In addition, Father Steve installed the officers.

See pictures of the event here

A group of women whose primary focus is service. Their work is done behind the scenes and without recognition. They have no fundraisers or socials other than an annual tea.

The Ladies’ ministry primarily extends to hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, soup kitchens, the homebound, the ill, the elderly, and the needy in the local Community bringing to them corporal and spiritual nourishment. This ministry reflects one aspect of the church’s mission of reaching out to care for those in need. Through this ministry the parish is able to participate in the needs of its parishioners, thereby encouraging the growth of the Christian community.

Members of the Ladies of Charity are invested by the Bishop.