Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council provides a way for the pastor to consult with his parishioners and solicit advice on matters pertaining to the pastoral needs of the parish. This council assists in developing and reviewing the parish mission statement.

Specifically, the Pastoral Council is “to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions of these matters, so that the life and activity of the people of God may be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel.” The three main tasks of the Pastoral Council are: to examine, to consider, and to recommend.

After seeking information from the pastor, the parish staff and the parish-at-large, they assesses the information and provide advice to the pastor regarding ways to fulfill the pastoral needs of the parish.

Pastoral Council Members
Reverend Stephen A. Kresak, Administrator
Mark Adrian
Diane Battaglia
Jim Bauer
Kevin Dieterle
Cathy McGurk
Deneen Skalniak
Mike Stypula

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is a consultative group that provides advice to the pastor regarding the parish financial matters. This group assists the pastor in providing financial information to the parish and makes recommendations for increasing or maintaining revenues as well as controlling and reducing expenditures.

Finance Council Members need to be registered in the parish for at least two years and should be active in the parish and in good standing with the Church. Skills in the areas of finance, administration or law are helpful, as well as the ability to discuss issues and work well with others in a group setting.

This council is appointed by the Pastor and is responsible for assisting him:

  • In drawing up an annual parish budget of income and expenditures
  • In preparing the annual report on the parish budget for review by the diocesan finance office
  • In rendering an account yearly to the faithful concerning the goods they give to the parish including, in printed form, a copy of the annual budget
  • In presenting, through the pastor, to the bishop, those important financial matters which exceed the pastor’s level of ordinary administration
  • In reviewing from time to time, at the pastor’s discretion, any special items of administration beyond the budget for which the pastor wishes advice
  • To be concerned with proper maintenance of all parish facilities
  • To review all contracts prior to renewal.

Finance Council Members
Reverend Stephen A. Kresak, Administrator
Ted Boron
Sue Dusch
James Grab
Janet Grgurich
Matt Mervosh
Don Moeslein
Ken Nalepa
Paul Obeldobel
Noreen Rode
Hank Stevens