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 November 10, 2018

Fr. Levi Hartle
Worship Team Leader

Father Joe Freedy
Presider and Speaker

 Father Joe Freedy

Our guest speaker and presider will be Father Joe Freedy currently Parochial Vicar at Holy Child and St. Barbara Parishes in the Bridgeville area.


Father Joe has been described as a contemporary speaker, in touch with the moment, someone who understands real life, is reflective and also contemplative.

Accepting God's Love and Mercy



We may often think we are not good enough to deserve God’s love and mercy. In reality we can never do anything in life for us to “deserve” God’s love and Mercy. We need to accept the fact that God has painfully paid the price for us with the death of His Son, Jesus. All we have to do is accept it.


At our November’s service Father Joe Freedy's teaching will surely bring a new perspective to how we learn to accept Gods love and mercy.


In addition to Father Freedy teaching, the service includes adoration of the Blessed Sacrament ending with benediction. An open invitation is extended to you to join with us in celebrating the love of Jesus.




Music videos of these songs are available on You Tube.  Some of the images have links to the videos.

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