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October 14, 2017

Fr. Levi Hartle
Worship Team Leader

We are excited to announce that members of the Deaf Choir from Saint Mary of the Mount will also participate in this month's service. The Deaf Choir will sign the lyrics of the musical selections.

Come and join in this  spiritually uplifting Adoration Service and celebration of Jesus. Sing along with the theme related, motivational contemporary worship music. Lyrics are projected on a screen with easy to follow music provided by Holy Apostles Praise Band.

Light refreshments to follow.


John Ferguson
Witness Speaker

John Ferguson is originally from  St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen Parish in Butler. He studied psychology at Butler County Community College before going into the seminary.

John tell us, "The reason I have entered seminary is to deeply discern the call to priesthood that has been on my heart since I was young boy,” “I am attracted interiorly to the life a priest lives, bringing souls closer to Jesus and Jesus closer to his people.”

Fr. Mike Ackerman
Presider and Homilist

Songs that will be used at the next Festival of Praise

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the songs that will be used in this adoration service, music videos are available on You Tube. Below are links to the videos.

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Praise Band Repertoire

Music videos of these songs are available on You Tube.  Below are links to the videos.