Welcome to the Holy Apostles Parish website.

Holy Apostles Parish, established September 1, 2016, serves the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Carrick, Baldwin and Overbrook. The parish has four neighborhood church locations: Saint Albert the Great, Saint Basil, Saint Norbert and Saint Wendelin. Previously, the four churches belonged to individual parishes and was known as the Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh. The new Holy Apostles Parish is part of the South Pittsburgh Deanery within the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

We have published this website to help you understand how our parish works, prays and interacts within the parish itself and within the community. Our intent is for it to provide you with information about the various parish ministries and services and serve as an invitation to others to become more active in the parish.

Significance of Holy Apostles Name
An Apostle is defined as “a person sent by another; one sent forth; a messenger.” The twelve apostles that Jesus chose accompanied Him through His life, witnessed His good works and miracles, and listened to His preaching. After Jesus’ ascension, they proclaimed His life, death, and resurrection. Jesus entrusted these twelve men with spreading His Gospel and leading and organizing His Church. As followers of Christ, we are His messengers and are responsible for continuing the work of the Holy Apostles in carrying forth the message of the Gospel.

The History of Holy Apostles Parish
Saint Wendelin Parish was founded in 1873 to provide a place for residents of the Carrick area to worship. The church that presently exists was dedicated in 1897.

Saint Basil Parish was created in 1907 to accommodate the growing population of the area. The original church building was used until 1922, when construction of the current church building began. It was dedicated in 1923.

Saint Norbert Parish was established in 1914 for residents of the Fairhaven area who were travelling distances to worship at other parishes. The original building was a combination church/school building. The present Saint Norbert church was dedicated in 1958.

Saint Albert the Great Parish was established in 1956. The original church was a combination church and school building and was completed in 1958. It was considered temporary, but the building that exists today was not built and dedicated until 1991.

In 2014, Bishop Zubik pronounced that the four parishes would be consolidated under one pastor, Reverend Stephen A. Kresak. Each parish continued to be administered individually, but ministries, masses, groups, and activities began to be combined under the temporary name, Catholic Communities of South Pittsburgh.

In early 2016, neighboring Saint John Vianney parish closed its doors and many of its parishioners joined the combined Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh.

In May of 2016, Father Kresak petitioned the bishop to approve a merger of Saint Basil, Saint Albert the Great, St Norbert, and Saint Wendelin parishes. Approval was granted and on September 1, 2016, the four merged parishes became Holy Apostles Parish, with the four individual churches remaining open as worship sites.  

Holy Apostles Parish Church Locations

Saint Albert the Great Church

Saint Basil Church

Saint Norbert Church

Saint Wendelin Church

Saint Albert the Great

3198 Schieck Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Saint Basil

1735 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Saint Norbert

2413 Saint Norbert Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Saint Wendelin

2728 Custer Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15227